Why are we doing Halo Reservations?

The launch of our non-invasive neurostimulation device, "The Halo", was launched alongside a reservation program. This model may worry some since previous lucid dreaming devices have wrongfully used the excitement around the technology to raise money, while never delivering or delivering a substandard product. So, we have created this short overview of the reservation system, and why we have chosen to use it. 

As with any innovation, bringing The Halo to market requires strategic foresight. Our choice to implement a reservation system for our product is grounded in this vision. Below, we delve into why this framework is in place and the advantages it brings to key stakeholders: investors, manufacturers, and our customers.


Investors and the Viable Marketspace


Stability in Predicting Demand: With reservations, Prophetic can provide investors with tangible data on the demand for "The Halo". Such data can pave the way for more informed financial projections, helping in mitigating risks.

Evidence of Market Appetite: An advanced reservation system offers a clear indicator of the market's appetite for a product. When investors see a growing number of reservations, they can be more confident in the success and profitability of the Halo.


The Implications for Manufacturers


Order Quantities Matter: Top-tier manufacturers, with their state-of-the-art facilities, often prioritize bulk orders over smaller ones. A significant reservation number ensures that Prophetic can place sizable orders, making the manufacturing process more efficient, and less expensive.

Optimized Inventory Management: The reservation system gives Prophetic a clearer picture of how many units of "The Halo" to produce. This reduces the risk of overproduction or underproduction, optimizing inventory costs and ensuring timely product availability for customers.


Safe Deposits and Placeholders


Credited Reservations: Every penny our customers invest in reserving "The Halo" is credited to their final purchase. This means that by reserving early, customers not only secure their spot but also contribute to their final payment.

Refund Availability: We understand that circumstances change. Thus, should any customer decide to cancel their reservation for any reason a refund is always available. Additionally, in the unlikely event that this project does not come to fruition, we are committed to providing a full refund. Customers can make reservations without any financial apprehensions.


In Conclusion


The choice to implement a reservation system for "The Halo'' is not just a business decision, but a testament to Prophetic’s commitment to strategic planning, transparent investor relations, strong manufacturer partnerships, and unwavering customer trust. 

By providing a window into demand, ensuring manufacturing efficiency, and safeguarding our customers' interests, we believe that this framework will not only benefit the launch of "The Halo" but also set a precedent for future innovations. We invite our community to be part of this exciting journey, reserve your Halo today.

If you want to help us answer this question reserve a headset and join our movement.