Toward Epistemological Metaphysics

The Halo is the answer to a modern culture that is torn between a nihilistic consumerism and yearning for an idealized past to which it can never return. It is both a tool and a way of looking at the world, a catalyst for individual and social transformation. It represents the arrival of a new philosophy fit for an age defined by rapidly accelerating technological progress. At Prophetic, we call this new philosophy epistemological metaphysics.

Epistemological Metaphysics

A philosophy for acquiring new knowledge to solve metaphysical problems.

Epistemological metaphysics starts by acknowledging that modern humans require provable answers to the questions they ask, but that our insistence on data and proof is not necessarily at odds with timeless metaphysical questions about the fundamental nature of reality. Epistemological metaphysics is a framework for synthesizing our species’ spiritual core and technical prowess to answer life’s deepest question: what is the nature of consciousness?