Building the world’s most reliable gateway to
human consciousness.

Pioneering a new approach to the study and exploration of human consciousness.

The Halo

The combination of ultrasound and machine learning models (created using EEG & fMRI data) allows us to detect when dreamers are in REM to induce and stabilize lucid dreams.

Together we will pursue the answers to life's biggest questions.

1. EEG - measurement and data collection

2. Ultrasound - induction and stabilization

3. High density battery - to last the night

4. Bluetooth & Wifi - to connect to the Prophetic app running our ML models

5. Headband form factor - maximum comfort and reduce interference

The Prophetic App

    Running our proprietary ML models, trained with EEG and fMRI data of active lucid dream states.

  • Track your sleep
  • Upload your lucid dream data to improve our models